1. Who insures the solar panels?

All equipment and installation is insured by us for the 20 years. The solar panels have a manufactures warranty of 25 years. Even if someone steals one of your solar panels – we will replace the stolen solar panels for you and you will never be charged a thing. Should any damage be done to your house because of the solar panels or because of the solar panel installation, all damages are covered under our insurance.

2. What happens if I sell my home?

If you sell your home the system and the benefits transfer to the next home owner. Thus, all the next homeowner would then start receiving the yearly payments as well as own the system out right at the end of the 20 year contract.

3. What happens if I want to buy the solar panels? Instead of opting for the free program.

If you want to buy the solar panels we give you that option as well. If you purchase the solar panels you will get around a 12% ROI (Return on Investment) over 20 years or around $4,500 a year on a 10kW system. You will obviously make more money by purchasing the system – however, 98% of our customers like not having to pay a cent. Nor take on any risk during the 20 years.

4. Why don’t all roofs qualify?

Unfortunately, there’s not enough solar exposure on certain angles and on certain roofs facing certain directions to warrant the costs of installing solar panels there. For that reason our engineers will only install solar panels on the south side of your roof within 120 degrees – as it is not worth the investment to have a solar panel only getting limited sun during the day.

5. I don’t own my house – is there any way I can help Ontario go green with solar?

If you would like to see more solar panels go up, you can help us by spreading the word to those you know who own a house. Any referral by you that installs our solar panel system – we will provide you with a chance to win a $2,000 vacation reward and a million thanks for helping make Ontario a greener place!

6. Why don’t I have to pay a thing?

The reason why you don’t have to pay a thing is because the Ontario Government is paying 38.4 cents per kW hour for the energy you produce. Thus, if you can’t afford to install the solar panel system – we will finance the solar panel system for you and share with you the financial incentive the government is offering for producing clean renewable energy.

7. How long do the solar panels last?

The solar panels all come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. The estimated life of a solar panel is over 40 years. Thus after 20 years you should still receive an estimated $40,000 to $80,000 of financial benefits from the solar panels on a 10kW system. Yes the sun is that powerful!

8. What are other factors that might not get my roof accepted into the microFIT program?

The OPA (Ontario Power Authority, now under IESO) will only approve so many microFIT contracts per transformer. Usually a transformer services between 6 and 8 homes. If one or two homes on your transformer have already been approved by the IESO it is very unlikely that the IESO will approve our proposal – as the IESO does not want to overload a transformer with potentially unused energy that they would be paying 39.6 cents per kW hours for. Thus, it is smart to apply for the microFIT program as soon as possible to avoid having your application rejected by the IESO due to homes around you already being approved by the program. Also, the IESO will only approve 50MW’s of solar panel microFIT contracts per year.

9. How does my house value go up with a solar system?

This is another bonus from taking advantage of our complete solution all at no cost to you. The new solar systems we install are valued between $20,000 and $40,000 depending on the size your roof is approved for. This alone increases your home’s value, additionally homes in California that are listed for sale with a solar panel systems are selling faster and are being sold for more money. Here in Ontario this program is still new and few people are aware of it, As more people learn about the benefits of clean solar energy the same will happen here. One great advantage of being approved to connect to the electrical grid is by having your home grandfathered to be able to produce electricity for our government. Only a small percentage of Ontario homes will qualify. In 20 years when you own the solar panel system out right you get 100% of the benefits of the power your solar panel system generates. Being connected to the grid you will be able to take advantage of the Net-Metering program where for every kilowatt hour you produce you will get the equal amount of electricity for free. This alone will make your home more valuable to a potential purchaser as your home’s electricity bill will be offset by the energy your home produces – making it an asset to the home buyer.

The greatest benefit of all is clean energy!

No more dirty coal entering our atmosphere giving us clean air for generations to come!

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