The Ontario microFIT Program has Never Been Easier!

  • <strong>Help Ontario Go Green!</strong>

    Help Ontario Go Green!

    Your solar panel system that we install helps to offset as much carbon gas emissions as the equivalent of planting over 250 trees every year it is operating!

  • <strong>Make Easy Money!</strong>

    Make Easy Money!

    Earn up to $500 a year for 20 years without ever having to pay a dime with our fully financed solar panel system paid for with the Ontario microFIT payments.

  • <strong>Don't Spend a Dime!</strong>

    Don't Spend a Dime!

    Never pay a dime, nor worry about maintenance or insurance - everything is covered by us, so you can earn money without lifting a finger. Going green has never been easier!

    Why Is The Ontario Government Paying For Solar?

    It's a 20 year program called microFIT, organized by the Ontario government to help Ontario produce more green energy and limit the number of brownouts in Ontario in the future. The energy generated by your solar panels will vary based on the size of your roof and how many solar panels the government allows you to install based on how big your roof is and which direction your roof faces.

    We will be sharing the revenue generated by your solar panels on your roof by paying you each quarter - and after 20 years you will own the solar panels outright, after never having to pay any cash for the solar panel system and while receiving great money along the way and helping Ontario produce green energy!

    For Ontario Homeowners, we will install solar panels on your roof at no cost to you! Call us now at 1-647-479-8529 to see if your roof qualifies. Only 50MW’s of power can be approved each year under the Ontario Power Authority's microFIT program.

    Call us today for a free roof analysis to see if your roof qualifies for Ontario’s microFIT program.

    Free Ontario Solar Offer
    Free Ontario Solar Offer

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“We decided to go the purchase route with Free Ontario Solar, and it was the right financial decision for our family. We were very happy with the experience, and in particular the professionalism and quality of the installation.”
- Free Ontario Solar Client

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